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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Chronixx – Capture Land Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


And I say Dread and Terrible pon dem1
Good god of grace, well I have his mercy
And me say old slave driver2
Time is catching up on you
Old slave driver I know your sins dem a haunt you3

Carry we go home, Carry we go home
And bring we gone a east4
Cause man a rasta man
And rasta nuh live pon no capture land5
Carry we go home
An mek we lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Chronixx – Capture Land Lyrics download mp3 settle and seize6
Caw man a rasta man
And rasta nuh live pon no capture land

Lord America a capture land7
Di whole a Jamaica a capture land8
A long time dem wah trick the rasta man
Like dem nuh know say man a real African
Yuh tink me nuh memba King Ferdinand9
And teifing Columbus have a Golden plan10
Dem make a wrong turn and end up in the Caribbean
One rass genocide kill nuff indian11
Lord Fi turn paradise in a plantation12
And bring cross one ship load a African
No hear comes the teifing Queen from England13
No she Carmwell and envy mother14
Century pon top a century full a sufferation15
And after four hundred year mi say no referation16
And now dem wah fi kill we wid taxation17
But a beg you please take me to the mother land18


Watch dem pon di top a di hill
A look inna chords Chronixx – Capture Land Lyrics lyrics dem plate how it proper and it fill19
Because down town have shotta fi kill20
Dem tell the tourist say fi stop a Negril21
So come mek we start a new chapter
We nah stay pon di land weh dem capture22
A me say Africa fi all true rasta
A say go tell di unscrupulous factors say


Cherry Garden a capture land
Me tell you Shortwood a capture land
Los Angeles dat a capture land
And New York City dat a capture land23
East some a di place weh you wah go live sweet24
A teifing land there’s no title fi it
And some a these place weh you wah go live nice25
A tief dem tief it in the name of Christ
Spanish Town dat a capture land
The whole a Kingston26 dat a capture land
Remember Portland dat a capture land
And all down a Trinidad dat a Capture land
Barbados dat a capture cord kord chord Chronixx – Capture Land Lyrics kunci gitar land
Tell dem Bermuda dat a Capture land
And tell Columbia dat a Capture land
All round a Cuba dat a Capture land27


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